Why Select an Electric Snow Thrower This Winter

It is winter and your outdated snow thrower from last season has utterly broken down and it’s the perfect time to look for a new one but you are on a tight budget and would favor a snow thrower that’s easy on the pocket, less noisy, and is straightforward to store away, then looking for an electric snow blower could be the solution for you personally. With the outdoor snow hardware industry being as aggressive as it is; it will not be difficult to find a brand name and design to fit your specific needs but still give you some extra money in your bank account. Electric snow blowers aren’t only becoming more common than ever, they’ve turned out to be rather affordable while still having the capacity to consume and crush snow like a hungry monster.

Snow blowers can be purchased in 3 major categories: Single-stage, Two-stage and electrical 1-stage snow blowers. So what exactly are the advantages of owning an electric snow thrower? Low noise, easy to carry, streamlined, very easy to store, eco friendly, ease-of-start one push buttons, hand-warming handles, clears open widths of up to a whopping 21″ in a few products, less up-keep than two stage snow throwers.

So how do you start to look? Visit your nearest official supplier or merchant like every Wal-Mart store but in case you cannot find what you are looking for then look on the web at sites like Amazon, eBay, as well as any other internet based firms that offer quality, and inexpensive electric snow throwers. Be careful of businesses that have unbelievably low prices, often stores price their slow moving stock at remarkably low prices to get them sold-away and out from the shop.

Companies like Yard Machine, Husqvarna and Ariens build a few of the most dependable electric 2-stage and single snow blowers on the market today but one brand particularly comes highly endorsed; The Toro Organization. Toro snow throwers have lots of awesome functions and deservingly so. They’re among the oldest companies distributing and producing outdoor products and lawn-mowing products. Having a history dating back to 1914 you can be assured this company knows snow inside out.

The highest recommended Toro unit acquiring the best reviews is the Toro 1800 Power Curve. Perfect for flat paved ground like paths and driveways, it features a motor that is 12 amp, clearing spaces of 18 inches and possesses a Ten inch snow cutting depth. Coming in at only 24 pounds it throws up snow up to thirty feet, really spectacular for an electric powered 1-stage snow thrower.

Be sure that whatever brand name you opt to purchase has spare parts obtainable in many local hardware and outdoor equipment stores. With much use comes natural deterioration and somewhere in the future you are going to have to switch a few spare parts. Several of the most commonly seen parts you will need are Augers, belts, Impellers, Shear pins, bearings and blades. Make note that if you take the correct precautions in caring for your electric snow thrower, you will increase its life span and save you from having to purchase an additional 1 in the immediate future.

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