Camping Pillows And Things To Bring Camping

Camping is an activity that makes us think of a great outdoor adventure. Going camping can mean many things. Camping for kids means roasting marshmallows by the fire, going swimming, making shadow puppets, singing songs by the campfire, eating S’mores, playing Scavenger Hunt, sharing stories at night and star gazing. For adults, it can mean backpacking, hiking, hunting, discovering wildlife, survival accidents, sleeping bags and inflatable camping pillows. Either way, camping offers us an experience beyond the comforts of our daily lives, opening our eyes to many things, allowing us to understand independence.

It can be very difficult to go camping without the proper tools, and while there are the essentials like your toothbrush and Swiss army knife, you could likewise bring things that will make your camping experience more enjoyable. Bringing the right camping tools really comes down to what you will be doing in the great outdoors, but the best way to figure out what to bring is to have an idea of the activities that you will be doing. If you have a checklist for these activities, as well as the things that you will beneeding for eating and drinking, sleeping, staying clean, comfortable and what you will be doing for leisure, then you now have a clearer idea of what to bring. Below are some ideas, with some optional items:

  •  flashlight and backup batteries
  • toiletries and bathing items (shampoo, toothbrush, conditioner, razor, soap, deodorant, comb, lip balm, mirror…)
  • clothes for different activities (sleeping, swimming, hiking gear, including socks and different footwear, flip flops, jacket, poncho…)
  • money, including coins for metered showers
  • first aid kit (emergency Tylenol and aspirin, sunscreen, bug spray, band aids, hydrogen peroxide, ACE bandage, cotton, cotton buds, anti-itching lotion, thermometer, scissors…)
  • diaper bag with baby’s things (baby bottle, disposable diapers, wipes, formula, baby food…)
  • food and drinks (canned food, packed snacks, cereals, noodles, seasoning, sugar, milk, ground coffee)
  • swimming tools (swimming goggles, fins, inflatables)
  • eating and drinking utensils (can opener, matches or lighter, cooking utensils like skillet and spatula, grill, propane tank, cooler, paper plates, cups and bowls, plastic spoons, forks, knives, napkins, a French press/Cafetiere or Vietnamese filter)
  • cell phone, iPod, iPad, solar charger
  • books and some reading material
  • trash bags and twist ties
  • Swiss army knife, rope, binoculars
  • camping pillows, including inflatable camping pillow, sleeping bag, camping tent
  • maps, paper, pens

The things to bring and how much to bring will also depend on how long you will be staying in the campsite, so remember to anticipate what you may need. Planning is sure to play a big role in the turnout of your camping trip, and finding yourself in dire need of some items when you really need them will be the last thing that you want to happen, so remember to plan carefully.

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