Best Educational Toys For Your Child This Christmas

Are you thinking of buying the best educational toys for your child this Christmas? Compared to “fun” toys, educational toys never leave parents with second thoughts about their investment, because the purpose of educational toys is to teach children new things, and prepare them for school. Educational toys are created in a way that allows children to have fun while in the process of learning.

Some of the makers of these toys are practically a household name, like LeapFrog, which started a succession of devices for learning called “LeapPad” in 1999. To this day, LeapFrog continues to make educational toys for children, but have expanded their line of products to accommodate new technologies and an array of learning techniques. Another household brand that has innovative company is VTech, which recently launched their own learning tablet. Below are a couple of popular educational devices from these makers.

LeapFrog Leap Pad Explorer Tablet

Ideal for children from ages 4 to 8, the LeapFrog Leap Pad Explorer Tablet is an educational tablet that personalizes learning for teaching children different subjects. This product features lessons, stories, games, and even the option to edit stories. Among the subjects for lessons are geography, math, vocabulary and music. This tablet offers a 5” color touch screen, which can be navigated and controlled by patting, tapping, sliding or dragging the finger or fingers. The included stylus can also be used. More than 100 apps, flashcards, games, videos, eBooks can be enjoyed using the LeapFrog Leap Pad Explorer Tablet. A built-in camcorder and camera are also included. This allows children to explore their creativity. Level for reading is automatically modified based on your child’s personal progress. This is a great way of helping children enhance their vocabulary and comprehension. Finally the Leap Pad Explorer Tablet is able to provide parents or guardians a report, so they are able to keep track of their child’s accomplishments and progress. Even updates via email are available.

VTech Learning Tablet

Best for kids aged 4 to 9 years old, the Innotab Learning Tablet from VTech is another educational tablet that features a 5” color touch screen. This tablet also has a tilt detector, and features apps and games for learning, activities for enhancing creativity, eBooks, etc. The VTech Interactive Learning Tablet is able to read different eBook formats, and features a variety of 4 readers for eBooks. Like LeapFrog’s tablet, the VTech Learning Tablet can be used to view images, photos, videos, and even MP3s, through the music player. The onboard memory available for this tablet is only 64MB, but storage capacity can be expanded by using an SD card (not included). Some featured apps are the Clock, Calculator, Interactive Globe, Friends List and Art Studio. Cartridges of software can also be purchased separately, for additional activities and games.

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